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Caviar Support

Sometime in late 2019 I started getting emails from Caviar, a food delivery app/ online service. Someone with my name had opened an account and mistakenly put down my email address, so every time she ordered food for delivery (in Philadelphia), I would get an email from "Caviar Support" alerting me that my food was "on its way!" or had "been delivered!" At  first I just deleted them or thought about trying to contact the company. But they kept arriving and eventually I gave in to the temptation to turn it into a project. When I went to Philadelphia at the end of February I visited the restaurants "Catherine Aiello" had eaten at during that month, ordered what she had gotten, and made drawings of each item. I enjoy projects that allow me to enter another person’s reality, especially when I know nothing about them. At work I have prepared endless Caviar delivery orders and interacted with the drivers coming to pick up the food. But I have never had a Caviar account, never ordered food through them. Through this strange coincidence and the resulting project I was able to look at different sides of a service interaction.


February 1, 2020- Kansai


February 13, 2020- Kansai


February 22, 2020- Pizzeria Vetri

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