The Sturdy Child

This piece has evolved over the years to its current state as a reduction woodcut print, which I plan to turn into a wall mounted installation incorporating the print, the remaining woodblock, and other elements to create a type of shrine.

I began envisioning this piece reflecting on my early childhood spent at my grandparents house which was surrounded by woods and nature. There I absorbed the lessons of the natural world- the cycles of death and renewal, wonder at growth, connections to family and land. I feel that these early experiences fortified me against challenging times to come. 

     I hope to expand this project in collaboration with other people who have a story to tell. I am currently working on a piece, similar in structure, called The Farm Lady, based on my partner's experiences with her grandparents' land in Pennsylvania and her identity in relation to that lineage and personal history. 

     Reduction woodcut allows the artist to print many colors from one block of wood. Starting from the lightest colors, you carve away each layer before printing the next until at the end you are left with only the shapes that will be printed in the darkest color. Reduction woodcut has always had a spiritual connotation to me since it creates an image that can never be repeated once finished and leaves the block as ghostly evidence of what was created. I feel its appropriate to use this medium for works that are about connection with the self and past and can serve as focal points for personal spiritual understanding.

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